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Find the risk in
your portfolio
before it blows
up on you

Finiac provides first-of-its-kind portfolio design and analysis tools to help you find the risk in your portfolio and tame it like never before.

Did we mention it's backed by 
70 years of Nobel-prize winning science?

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Plan your investments here. Invest anywhere.

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Portfolio design tools that the
brokers don't want you to have

Wall Street takes advantage of the fact that DIY investors don't have a good understanding of what they've really got at risk.
We're putting those tools back in your hands so you have a fair fight.

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Aggregate stocks and crypto into a modern, risk-savvy portfolio

Modern, cross-asset portfolios made easy. Combine different asset classes into a single portfolioand get immediate feedback on how those assets work together (or don't) in your portfolio.

Immediately see your exposure and never be surprised again

Surprises are fun unless they're in your brokerage account. Finiac lets you know exactly how much you've got at risk, and what you stand to lose if everything goes against you in the markets. You'll know, every day, what your range of likely outcomes currently is.

What you have at risk


This is how much you'd lose with this
portfolio if everything went against you

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Covariance Matrix

Combine assets like the pros and make diversification your specialty

Professionals have tools that help them understand how to build truly diversified portfolios. We've packed those same tools to ensure every asset in your portfolio plays nicely with the others. That means you take less risk for the same amount of reward.

Make your investing spreadsheet jealous

Tracking your investments in a spreadsheet can be exhausting. We do the heavy lifting to give you a simple dashboard that gives you the facts about your portfolio without hours of manual labor collecting and filtering data.


Two numbers, unlimited insights

The financial world isn't short on metrics and acronyms... and it can be confusing. We give you two easy-to-use metrics that help you track what matters the most.

Risk Efficiency


Risk Efficiency
Why does this matter?

How well are you trading risk for reward?

For every dollar you invest, you're taking a risk. Your goal as an investor is to turn those risks into rewards that are larger than what you're risking.

Risk Efficiency gives you a simple metrics to instantly understand how well you're making that tradeoff.



This portfolio is about as volatile as the S&P500

Why does this matter?

How much risk are you taking each day?

Each day, your portfolio goes up and down. How much it goes up and down each day is how much risk you have on the table.

dScore gives you an easy way to understand what to expect in terms of volatility, so you can dial in risk to suit you.

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“Within 5 minutes of signing up, I was building a quality portfolio with minimal effort. It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.”

Mario Smith

VIP of Google

“No other company has ever been as invested in making sure I’m properly equipped, and given the best opportunity for success in the markets. I’m grateful to the Finiac team.”

Steven H.

“A very unique and useful tool!”

Danny I.

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